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This is a sample from an actual session. The track above is the MP3 that was emailed to me.


Sample Your Custom Violin Tracks

This is a sample of one of the three custom fiddle tracks I sent back to the client.


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This is a sample of the final song mixed by the client. The entire process took only 1 day!

Fiddle Example 1

Fiddle Example 2

Fiddle Example 3


1. Convert your song(s) into an MP3 format and email it to me with along with any ideas you have for the fiddle part. The rhythm tracks should be completed before you send, so nothing changes in the timeline. If you have a "Count In", I will paste it onto the fiddle track.

2. I will record 2-3 takes of the song - each one will contain different choices and ideas. Typically, one track is made by compiling different parts from all of the fiddle tracks I send. You will be sent reference mixes of all the tracks in MP3 format for review. After reviewing them all, you tell me your likes, dislikes and any change requests.

3. Once you are completely satisfied with your custom fiddle track(s), I will upload the raw tracks in high-quality AIFF or WAV format. If you like, the tracks can also be sent with effects (though most studios request raw tracks). Now, you can download your tracks and import them into your DAW and mix/eq/effect/edit. It will be just as if I was there recording in your studio!

All tracks are fully compatible with Sonar, Pro Tools, Digital Performer and all other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

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